Litter announcement
T- litter (AI)
Pupies are born 12.08.06
litter pedigree (IC 0,53%)

NZ & Aust Champion
Rhodepark Red Dragon "Rocco"

dob. 25.12.2003
HD 1:2=3
ED 1:1
red wheaten/black nose
full scisior bite

Harjaselan Ijumaa Imani "Saba"

dob. 18.05.2001
wheaten/black nose (livernose carrier)
eyes clear (certified)
thyroid panel normal

12 of August, 9 pupies decided to meet rest of the world.
2 boys i 7 girls (girls rules!). All with black noses.

2 males - 1 with one crown
7 females - 1 with one crown, 2 little offset
2 pupies with small white mark (on the feet, and one on the chest), no kinked tails, bite foults, no ds.

Below, we will put pics of our little dragons, and informations about them.

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Thank you Renee, Rhodepark Kennel,for leting me use Rocco's semen.