Jannuary issue magazin "Przyjaciel Pies" start with our Z- litter diary! Stay with us for next 10 issue.

8 - 9.12.12 -
Exciting weekend in our life :)


In National Theatre in Warsaw, was premiere of Queen Margot, where playes Pata and Toffik, our dogs. Photos soon ! If you visit Warsaw and like A.Dumas, just come and enjoy the play.

Finnish Winner Show
Wielka Improwizacja Sangoma "Doora" - 1exc., CAC, 2 Best Bitch, ResCacib!!!
Wielka Improwizacja Sangoma "Doora" - 1exc., !!!
Congratulation Lotta & Pasi :)

November Watson as muse in actuall issue of magazin "Przyjaciel Pies"

11.11.12 -
International show in Kielce:
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" - 2exc.,
Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" - 2 exc.,
Wątek Kryminalny Sangoma'Mafia' - exc.


October 20.10.12 - 7,5 week and new stacked photo :)

16.10.12 -
We made Volhard test, results here.

12.10.12 -
New pics in 7th weeks gallery, in meantime puppies was dewormed, chiped and got first vaccination. We start car trip to the city :) and meeting with friendly dogs.

- Stacked photo sesion - 6 week, and result of Campbell test , made in 5 week, by Monika Krasowska and Paulina Przybysz. Volhardt test will be in 7th week.

September Sangoma in press:) Magazin "Przyjaciel Pies", our dogs and natural way of feeding. Check September issue :)

26.09.12 -
Puppies are 4 week old, so we took stacked photo sesion. Pics you can find here.

On litter site you can find more pics from all weeks, and videos.


31.08.12 - Gallery from 1st week of Z litter is open ! Will update every 2 days.

28.08.12 -
We are on the world ! Z litter arrived !
12 healthy puppies, 7 boys (2 livernose) and 5 girls (1 livernose). More pics in next days...

RTG reault - you can count how many :)

July 23.07.12 - USG confirmed that Zuza is pregnant. Puppies will born in last days of August ! :))))

Finland, Doora's first show:
Wielka Improwizacja Sangoma "Doora" - 1exc., CAC, BOB !!!
Congratulation Lotta and Pasi.

June Pata and me, took a part in Handling Camp in Lithuania, with incredible Gerard O'Shea.
Kristina -thanks for invitation, Gerard - thanks for everything, Migle Narbutaite - thanks for the photos!


20.05.12 Salsburg, World Dog Show !!!!:
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" - exc.,
Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" - 1 exc.,
World Junior Winner 2012

Lianne, thank you so much that I could use Sam (Thokoza Ngumo) in my breeding and make my dream come true :)
Agnieszka, thank you for this trip !

April 22.04.12 Lublin, national show:
Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" - 1 exc., Junior Winner, Best Junior

Wątek Kryminalny Sangoma'Mafia' - 3 exc.

Season for track training is open :) Pata and pheasant.

March 31.03.12 Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, debut in junior class:
Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" - 1 Exc., Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" -1 Exc., Junior Winner


25-26.03.12 -
Show in Gera / Germany:
Sangoma Welwet W Uszach 'Nikita'
day 1 : 2 Exc. , Res JCAC
day 2 : 1 Exc.
February 19.02.12 - Darby new Junior Champion of Belarusia !!!
Congratulations Dana !

Sangoma Wdzięk I Gracja

03.02.12 -
Trip to Brno, for meeting with Yudjin - sire of our Z-litter. This beautifull dog has stolen my heart. I came back with frozen semen, which are waiting for a good moment for insemination.

Read Z-litter announcement.


20.01.12 - We've taken a part in foto sesion with dogs, more pics in gallery

15.01.12 -
show in Gdańsk:
Wielki Gatsby Sangoma "Marley"- 1Exc, Junior Winner!

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