Sangoma, in traditional African culture means healler, witch- doktor, wise man. This was person, who has contact with ancestors, man, who because of years of practice could swim in river of time in both directions & predict things or disclose misteries of past.

For us, personalny - after reading book of Jamek Hall, an American journalist, who has become a White Sangoma, it is symbol of beeing inside culture, which desapears.

Jamek dressed in geopard skin, shoesless with traditional walking stick in his hand looks very funny for Africans dressed in American T-shirt. Johnny Clegg, musician from RSA, who is member of Zulu tribe is more Zulu than young Zulus.

Ridgeback is a result of work Africans & Africaners, something what break racial borders.

In our opinion - you could be Africaner, wherever you live. This is something you have in your hart.