E litter - planned for spring 2021

Elvis   &   Rasha

Ridgedogs In Love With

International Champion
Nordic Champion
Norwegian Champion
Sweedish Champion
Denmark Champion

dob. 30/11/2013
69 cm
ED 0,
LTV clear,
EOAD clear,
DM clear,
JME clear,
Hemophilia clear

is a dog I observed form his born. Has excellent character, is friendly to people and other dogs, what is very important to me. Is also uniqe by his father, and other ascensors. I've meet him personally, visiting his breeder and observe his character. I've choose him for Rasha for few reason. Is a little bit longer, has longer legs, longer lower thigh which Rasha need. Not too strong head and bones, will give her more elegance look. And, what is most important, he will help to keep her beautifull front.

CHagiga Sangoma

Junior Champion of Poland
Champion of Poland
Polish Junior Winner 2017
European V-ce Junior Winner 2017

dob. 21/04/2016
ED 0/0,
OCD 0/0
spondyloza neg,.
LTV 4 (8 vertebra in loin part)
EOAD clear,
DM clear,
JME clear,

Rasha is better version of her mum. Have also nice, expressive character, is very open and friendly. Her body and movement is appreciated by many judges. She have beautifull front, which is so rare in this days, quite strong bones and head, and very strong muscles. I decided to balance her strongest by Elvis's elegance, elongate her muscles and legs, add a little bit longest in lower thigh, and do not loose front.