we have new adress:

Have a look on
T-litter page!


17.12.06 -
We took a new pics - have a look at "on the walk" gallery

November We are delayed with last news, it's all Zuza's foult - she is so absorbing, thet we don't have time for anything else.

21.11.06 -
have a look on Zuza's gallery , new pics in gallery 'at home ' and new Watson's portraits.

13.11.06 -
We've took two of our pupies, Zuza andi Toffik for international show in Kielce, for socjalization with this events. They were playing like crazy all the time, and I'm not sure if they noticed where they were.
Watson's result:
Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'-
Exc 4, ch. class

09.11.06 -
We took a part in World Dog Show in Poznań. Unsuccesful, but Watson got excellent description, and Zuza was delighted.

Few pics from RR ring is here.
October 08.10.06 - We had a photo sesion to calendar, and puppies had a lot of fun. Click in pic to see more.

- Our little dragons live show! Watch our typical afternoon:
Have a good fun!

03.10.06 - new pics on puppy site - 8 weeks .

01.10.06 -
Watson's result from national show in Nowy DWór Mazowiecki:
Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'- Exc 1, ch.class, Best Male, CAC.

September 29.09.06 - New pics of our 7-weeks puppies!

11.09.06 -
Our little dragons are 4 week old! You can find new pics on their own galleries.

09.09.06 -
Today we took Watson to show - to have some fun. He fall in love with some nice Labrador girl, but he also had success on the ring. Our results:
Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'- champion class , 1Exc, BM, BoB!
August 27.08.06 - new pics of our puppies! Check litter page.

19.08.06 -
puppies are 1 week old!
On their page are pics of every single puppy.
Here is uncle Watson, still lost in new situation.

12.08.06 -
Pleased to announce our T-litter is born! Saba gave birth 9 health pupies, 2 boys and 7 girls. Details on the litter's page.

02.08.06 -
Today, we've got official confirmation, that Watson is Polish Champion. We've taken his few new"official" photos:)
and this is Saba waiting for delivery

Julay 17.07.06 - First "puppy" from S-litter was x-rayed! Pleased to announce the hip and elbow scores for :
Sangoma Shona - HD A, ED 0, OCD free!

10.07.06 -
Today we made USG, which confirm that Saba is pregnant!
Proud mummy (who dug few hudge whole in the garden) is happy that she will get extra food.
Uncle Watson dosn't know yet if he is happy :))

08.07.06 -
On the international show in Warsaw, in extremely hot (33 C!), Watson got note:
Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'- open, 2Exc, 2 BM, ResCACiB.
Sangoma Shona - 4 Exc, open class

14-16.06.06 - It was very important and exciting days. Saba has been inseminated with frozen semen of handsome Rocco, from Australia. It was first AI of Ridgeback in Poland. Keep your fingers crossed for happy end!

11.06.06 -
Our result from national show in Lublin :
Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'- open, 1Exc, BM, BoB, CWC.

As usualy in weekend, we also had training agility. Watson loves this form of activity. Hard to say, who was more tired, dog or Wojtek :))

Wati was so fast, that I couldn't take a pic
It is not our favourite handicap
End of training - Watson tired
and last hoops

May 21.05.06 - We are the champions!
On national show in Radom, Watson has got 4th CWC, and became
Polish Champion !

Weather was very bad - rainy and windy, but we got nice results:

Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'- open, 1Exc, BM, BoB, CWC - Polish Champion
Harjaselan Ijumaa Imani 'Saba'- open, 3 Exc

13.05.06 -
New Saba's pic - few days before her 5th birthday

10.05.06 - Happy Second Birthday for all s-puppy and their familly!

06.05.06 -
On the international show in Łodź, we were all family, the weather was nice, just like our results:

Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'-
2 Exc, interm class
Sangoma Shona -
2 Exc, interm class
Harjaselan Ijumaa Imani 'Saba'-
1 Vg, open class



1-3.05.06 -
Next Shona's results :
- Dobre Miasto, 1 Very Good
- Bydgoszcz, 1Exc, CAC


22-23.04.06 - This was Shona's weekend. On two shows she got 1 place!
Sangoma Shona :

- Grudziądz, 1Exc, Best Bitch, BOB, CAC
- Inowrocław, 1Exc, CAC

09.04.06 -
Today we took Watson for the first time with Saba, for agility training. He came into tunnel when I had forced it through twice, but he was very happy. Saba was brave too. We will put pics from next lesson.

The weather was so nice, that we took a trip - you can see new pics on 'on the walk' gallery.

On the international show in Berlin, our dog got
Sangoma Sisi 'Watson'- Int 3 Exc
Sangoma Shona - Int 3 Exc



24.03.06 - New show season we started with Watson's success in Katowice. Int, 1Exc, CAC.

09.03.06 -
Great news from Great Britain. Dodge - Watson's father become
Crufts Winner 2006! We are so proud here.
more about Dodge :

Watson is waiting for Spring

Watson's winter


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