25.12.10 - One of our first puppy - Sangoma Sefu "Nemo" passed away. Be happy behind Rainbow Bridge.
16 miesięcy *10.05.2004 - 25.12.2010

November After advance courses for trainer, we start school under branch "Wesoła Łapka - school for dogs friends".
October We had time to make little update on last litter pages. New pics in Paj, Nala, Roxi, Scubi and Tajga page. Waiting for rest "puppies" :)

09.09.10 - We finished (me and Zuza) fantastic dog trainer school of Wesoła Łapka.
Jacek, Witek - thank you for this possibility:)

07.09.10 - Indi moved to his new home in Norway. It was very hard for us to let him go (esspecially for Watson), but we got the news, he is very happy with 2 RR lady .

fot. Indi 2 days before trip, with grand mom Saba.

04-05.09.10 Kraków, RR Club Show, Rex debut:
Sangoma Ukryty W Trawie 'Rex' - 1Exc., Best Junior, Clubmatch Junior Winner !


29.08.10 - Indi's third show, international in Białystok:
Sangoma Ustawicznie W Biegu 'Indi' -
1Exc., Best Junior
Polish Junior Champion !

22.08.10 -
Indi's secon show, this time he went to Radom with grandmom Saba:

Sangoma Ustawicznie W Biegu 'Indi' -
1Exc., Best Junior, Junior Winner, BoB !
Harjaselan Ijumaa Imani 'Saba' -
1Exc, Best Weteran .

Aga, thanks for your help :)

- 4th Birthday T-litter. Zuza is on diet from yesterday, after visit in vegetable garden, but I hope rest of siblings have snack bar open:) Best wishes!

July 22.07.10 - Happy Birthday "U"- litter !
All the best, kids :)


11.07.10 -
Internationa show in Warsaw, Indi's first time in the ring, junior class :
Sangoma Ustawicznie W Biegu 'Indi' - 1Exc, Junior Winner, Best Junior!

June 27.06.10 - Zuza new Lithuanian Champion! Marijampole,
Sangoma Tajemnica Tkwi W Ogonku
'Zuza' - 1Exc, BOB, 2 BOG,
Lithuanian CHampion !

26.06.10 -
In weekend we had Toffik & Agnieszka at home. Dogs (and us) spent fantastic time on the walk.

click on the pic to look at gallery

May New pics in gallery - Tango, Rex and Tajga

10.05.10 -
Watson and all "S" litter has 6 Birthday today !

10.05.10 -
Our sweet Saba has 9 Birthday ! She is still active and hungry :))


22.10.10 - U - Litter is 6 month old now! New pics of Paj and Indi.

20-21.02.10 -
club show in Glachau, our two sweet girl was there:
Sangoma Tańcząca Z Uszami
Sangoma Uwimana 'Nala' - 1 place in puppy class - it was her debut !!!
Congratulation Jens & Nina and Barbara !!!


New pics the old and new puppies :) Watch how they looks now: Dyzio, Nala, Uma, Tajga and Tango !

Beautifull winter in our place

Next titles for Nemo! Sangoma Sefu is now Champion of Finland, Estonia and Russia
Congratulation Hanna !!!

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