November 25.11.14 Let me introduce you new member of our pack. Dogs found him in a grass during walk, he was so weak... Now he stay with us, still without name. Any idea?

Germany, Karlsurune
African Wizzard of Sangoma 'Shahruk' - 1 very promissing!

03.11.14 Germany, DZRR/E.L.S.A Saison Cup Coursing
Sangoma Uwimana 'Nala' - place 4 ! Congratulation Barbara

Oktober 24.10.14 Czechy, Brno European Dog Show
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" - exc (5 for 24 champions)

Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" - 2 exc , ResCac, v-ce Winner

African Dragon of Sangoma 'Draco' - promissing

20.10.14 Poznań, international show,
African Dream of Sangoma 'Beto' - 2 very promissing

Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" - 3 exc

Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" -
It was free handling, without a leash, and went fantastic!

September From September issue, start my article about handling.

13.09.14 Warszawa, national show
African Dream of Sangoma 'Beto' - debut! 2 very promissing

6-7.09.14 Czechy, CKRR club shows
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" - 2 x exc
African Dragon of Sangoma 'Draco' - 1exc, 2x Bis Baby

Gucci's kids on 1st and 2nd places!

And here is a familly photo, Gucci with kids:)


Pata & Gucio in Monika Pehr calendar :)

Białystok, international show
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" -
2 exc
Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" -
1 exc , CWC

Finlandia, Helsinki, World Dog Show
Wielka Improwizacja Sangoma 'Doora' - exc

10.08.14 Czech, Kladno,
African Dragon Sangoma 'Draco' 2 BIS Baby

3.08.14 Finland, Savo Show
Wielka Improwizacja Sangoma 'Doora' - 1exc, CAC, Cacib, BoS

July 27.07.14 Finland
Wielka Improwizacja Sangoma
'Doora' - 1exc, CAC, BoS,
Champion ofFinland ! Congratulation Lotta

International show Warsaw
Zemsta Nietoperza Sangoma 'Rodo' - 3 exc.

May 16.05.14 New pics in galleries, also individual site of A litter.

15.05.14 -
Puppies are 6 week old, so we take make photo session, stacked picks in gallery.

- Internationa show in Łodz:
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" - 1 Exc, CWC, ResCacib, new Champion of Poland !


Most actual photo and every-day info in Litter-diary. Sorry, only in polish :)


04.04.14 - Today Pata gave birth of her first litter. Puppies and the best mum on the world are fine. We have 8 puppies, 2 girls (1show, 1 pet) and 6 boys (5 show, 1 pet).

March 27.03.14 - Our 'W' litter finished 3 years, birthday pics of pregnant Pata. 43 day of pregnancy !

February 25.02.14 - Last show in National Theatre before delivery, Pata takes a brake from stage :) Back after litter.

24.02.14 - Usg confirmed - Pata is pregnant. Star countdown to delivery !

22-23.02.14 - Fantastic workshop on dog's akupuncture wit dr. Igor Sołowiow. Start practising :)

12.02.14 - First Gucci's litter was born in Czech !


In new year we start new breeding plan. Pata will be a mum first time. If you are interesting in our puppies, just contackt us :)

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