We plan C-litter on spring 2016 .


7-8.11.15 - Duo Cacib in Poznań, judge: T. Borkowski i A. Brabletz:

Bimbelela by Thanzi of Sangoma 'Lucy':
8.11.15 : 1vp, Best Puppy
7.11.15 :
1vp Best Puppy

African Dream of Sangoma 'Beto':
8.11.15 : 3exc intrm.class
7.11.15 : 2exc intermedia class

African Dragon of Sangoma 'Drago':
8.11.15 : 1exc, open class, CWC, ResCacib.
7.11.15 : 1exc open class CWC, ResCacib

Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio":
8.11.15 : 1exc champion class, CWC, Cacib, Best Male, BOS, Cruft qual., Polish Winner 2015 !
7.11.15 : 1exc champion class CWC

Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata":
8.11.15 : 1exc champion class, CWC, Cacib, BOB, Cruft qual.
Polish Winner 2015!
7.11.15 : 1exc champion class CWC, Cacib

Both Polish Winner 2015: Pata and Gucci


25.10.15 Walk in our favourite forest, with dog ofcourse :)

15.10.15 -
Memories... this photo was taken 1 yesr ago,
few our "puppies" visited us, 7 rr at home in this moment, from left:
Zuza, Beto, back Watson, Indi, Henry and Brasi. Pata somwhere else :)

10.10.15 - NDS Hubertus in Spala :
African Dream of Sangoma 'Beto': 1 exc, CWC, Best Male, BOB, 4 BIG !!!
first time in adult class!

Bimbelela by Thanzi of Sangoma 'Lucy': 1vp, 2 BIS Minor Puppy, not bad for debut :)

September Pata in our favourite forest


23-26.07.15 - Show marathon in Split

African Dragon of Sangoma 'Drago'

23.7. Judge- 3 Exc
24.7. Judge - 1 Exc , CAJC , BOJ 
25.7. Judge - 2 Exc
26.7. Judge - 1 Exc, CAJC , BOJ
Congratulation Klara :)

25.07.15 - Interntional show in Konopiska
African Dream of Sangoma
'Beto' - 1 Exc, Best Junior, Junior Winner.

Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" -
4exc, champion class

Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" -
2Exc, champion class

11.07.15 -
International Show in Warsaw,
African Dream of Sangoma 'Beto' - junior class, 1 vg.
African Dragon of Sangoma 'Drago' - interm. class, 1 exc, CAC, ResCacib
Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" - champion class, 1 exc , ResCacib,
Wytrawny Gucci Sangoma "Gucio" - champion class, 4 exc.
Guci's doughter:
Angel Leya Legend of Africa - interm. class, 2 exc.

- Krajowa wystawa w Olsztynie
Zemsta Nietoperza Sangoma 'Rodo' - 1 doskonała, CWC, BOB!
Tym samym ukończył Championat Polski
Gratulacje :)

Przy okazji odwiezienia Doory do jej domu, wstąpiliśmy na wystawę w Parnu, Estonia, a na Łotwie, zrobiliśmy sobie dłuugi spacer brzegiem Bałtyku. Lucy była zachwycona :)

  07.06.15 - National show in Kalisz
African Dragon of Sangoma 'Drago' - junior class, 1exc, Best Junior, BOB, BIG2, Polish Junior Champion!

01.06.15 - Speciality show i Czech
African Dragon of Sangoma 'Drago' - junior class, 2exc.

Guci's doughter
Angel Leya Legend of Africa - 1exc, BOB !!!

Maj 24.05.15 - National show in Płock
Zemsta Nietoperza Sangoma
'Rodo' -
1 exc, CWC!

- We jave a girl! Big one but so sweet, show quality at this moment. Birth weight 775 g!
Temporary called Porpoise :)

April USG confirm, that Doora is pregnant. Puppy will be born at the begining of May! Probably only one.

12.04.15 - First show in this year, and first success, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki PL:

African Dream of Sangoma 'Beto' - 1 exc, Junior Winner, Best Junior,

Wesoła Łapka Sangoma "Pata" - 1 Exc , Best Female, BOB, 3 BOG!

March In magazine "Przyjaciel Pies", our article about RR


In new year we start new breeding plan. If you are interesting in our puppies, just contackt us :)

Henry and Nefryt - puppies from A litter visited us. Of course, Beto also come to play with brthers :)

As the weather was perfect, we took some pics, you can find it in gallery.

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