Our litter plan for 2019


12.10.18 Jubilee Show , Nadarzyn PL

Concept of Life Sangoma 'Chaka' -3exc.

Wonderfull time and company. Chaka and Irene visited us, we also meet with Gweru and his familly, and old friend from other countries. This was most important, but results was also nice:
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - exc.

Concept of Life Sangoma 'Chaka' -vg

Corvus Corax Sangoma 'Gweru' - exc 3/19

Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - exc 1/18, CWC open class

September 15.09.18 NDS Wawrzykowizna, debut of small Amani. Thank you Jola and Jacek for meeting, Sylvia for a company.
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 1exc, CWC
Dotty Paws Sangoma 'Amani' - 1 vp, Best Puppy in Breed

Czech Klub Show, Ołomuniec. Without dogs this time, just to see Drago success.
African Dragon of Sangoma 'Drago' - 1exc, champion class, BM, BOS, Best Ridge, 2 Best head, 2 Best gait!

August 12.08.18 WORLD DOG SHOW Amsterdam:
Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - 3/23 exc,
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - exc


11.08.18 SPECIALITY DOG SHOW Amsterdam:
Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - exc,
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 2/21 exc, V-ce World Junior Winner,
Concept of Life Sangoma 'Chaka' - 3/20 exc., junior class

IDS Sopot
Challenger Sangoma 'Fluffy' - 1 exc., Junior Winner, Best Junior - POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION!
Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - 3exc,
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 1exc, Junior Winner


22.07.18 IDS Konipiska,
Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - 1exc, Cwc, ResCacib, handling Nina Szarska,
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 2exc .

June 15-16.06.18 As every year, on June we had trainers camp, so I took 4 puppies with me. They meet new friends, sweem in the river, and have fun.

In two days, first puppies will move to new home, but today, we took them to the city by car, so I hope, it will be easier to adapt in new place.

Our puppies has 6 week old, so is time for next session :) More photos in litter galleries.

May 19.05.2018 We took 4week photo sesion for our puppies, to check show potential.

Today, our beloved Watson, has 14 Birthday. All the best my friend :).

NDS in Nowy Dwor Maz. and Sangoma team results:)
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 1exc., Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, 3 BOG!
Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - 1dosk, CWC - finised Polish Champion title!
Corvus Corax Sangoma 'Gweru' - 1exc., Junior Winner, BOS
Challenger Sangoma 'Fluffy' - 2 exc.
Don't have a pics fron the show, but we did small photosesion on the walk.


NDS in Dobre Miasto, Fluffy's second show:)
Challenger Sangoma 'Fluffy' -1exc., Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB!
Congratulation Monika and Fluffy :)


22.04.2018 NDS in Inowrocław, Rasha and Sylwia got very nice result:
Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - 1exc, CAC, NBest Female, BOB, 2 BOG!

Today, Lucy gave birth to 11 puppies. 1 male still born. Rest is 6 males and 4 females. Details on litter page.

57 day of pregnancy, Lucy for the first time, enter to the puppy box :)

Lucy as mother of dragons. 50th day of pregnancy, final counting...

07.04.18 IDS in Nadarzyn,

Wesoła Łapka Sangoma 'Pata' - 1exc, CAC, champion class
Chagiga Sangoma
'Rasha' - 3exc,
Corvus Corax Sangoma 'Gweru' - 1exc, Junior Winner,
Challenger Sangoma 'Fluffy' - 3 exc. (debut on the shows).

March 09.03.18 We did it! Again, Sangoma dog was placed on this prestige show in UK - CRUFTS 2018

Chagiga Sangoma "Rasha" - 3 place in Yearling Class.


11.02.18 Last training before Cruft. Our two girls was fantastic :)

Chagiga Sangoma "Rasha" - 1exc., Cwc, Cacib, BOB, 3 BOG.

Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 3 vg, first time in junior class.

04.02.18 IDS Bydgoszcz

Chagiga Sangoma "Rasha" - 1exc., Cwc, ResCacib.


They love snow! I've took some photos and discover, our little princess is not so small anymore.
Pata & Iita - 9 month.


13.01.18 First show this year, Rasha in good shape :) NDS Brodnica.

Chagiga Sangoma "Rasha" - 1exc., Cwc, Best Female, BOB, BOG!.

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