My long-time project just finished. First book about breed in now available on
English version should be ready in the middle 2020.

On net, you can find also movie about breed, with our puppies as a stars :)


24.11.19 - IDS Kielce and our results:

Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - exc 3, champion class!
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 1 exc, CWC, open class
Corvus Corax Sangoma 'Gweru' - 1exc, CWC, ResCacib, champion class

October 13.10.19 - BUNDESSIEGER SHOW - Dortmund DE
Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - 3/13 exc - champion class
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 2/21 exc. ResCac, - open class.
Judge: Horst Kliebenstein (DE)
Fantastic weekend, we spend days with my puppies families, took a photos, and enjoy time together.

July 07.07.19 - We are quite busy, puppies have a lot of fun during socialisation. We've took photo of our fantastic eight together.

June 30.06.19 - Puppies finish 6 week of age, so here is stacked gallery. Full gallery here

25.06.19 -
Temperature is high, but we spend time in water :)

- Our puppies are 3 weeks old now, eyes are open, they start to hear, now will be a fun:)

May 17.05.19 - Pata gave birth 8 sweet puppies. We have 4 boys (all standard at this moment) and 4 girls (2 standard, 2x 3 crown). More info on lillter page.


30.03.19 IDS Warszawa, our last show before puppies:

Chagiga Sangoma 'Rasha' - exc 1, CWC, Cacib, BOS, CRUFT qualification, champion class!
Calypso Rose Sangoma "Iita" - 1 exc, CWC, intermedia
Corvus Corax Sangoma 'Gweru' - 2exc, intermedia
Dotty Paws Sangoma "Amani" - 2exc., junior

.03.19 Berlin. Pata's i Eos date was very succesfull, we expect puppies between 15 and 19 May.
Eos on the photosession.

16.03.2019 - Our beloved Zuza passed away in age almost 13y. Run free with your mum Saba.


03.02.19 NDS Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Lucy's son

Dotty Paws Sangoma "Amani" - 1 exc, Junior Winner,BOB!

January At the beginning of year, passed away the oldest member of our pack - Watson. He was amazing dog, very calm, brave, friendly. The best friend of Wojtek. We will miss you dear.

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